This is an awesome article with a great perspective on Whipple ancestors as seen from this person’s view 100 years ago. We were among the earliest pacifists, notice how it was one of the most apparent attributes to this reporter. Whipples stood up for women’s rights, participated in the underground railroad to move people out of slavery, worked with the deaf and setup pacifist movements that still exist today. We seem to share a maverick attitude about a lot of things and part of that is DNA. Our ancestors were called non-conformists and I think that applies to those with any Whipple blood that I know today. The Rogerines mentioned in the article didn’t build churches, they took chairs down to the river and sat on the bank and that was their church. Some protested what they saw as power and money going back to the religion business which was what people had fled in England. They did it many ways like riding up to Protestant churches naked. I’m telling you, Whipples have a long history as being crazy hippies.

It’s not surprising for William to be mentioned in the article. Seems like all Whipples want to claim William Whipple as relative because he was a signer of the declaration of independence but he is not the direct ancestor that Abraham is. But if you look at William Whipple’s photo, he looks like my Dad’s brother William’s (Uncle Bill’s) exact twin. Spooky. All us Whipple kids, even Taylor and Evan, grew up being told William was a great grandfather of some kind but he’s not.

Abraham wasn’t so much the pacifist, he liked to shoot other pirates with cannons. He was an extreme American patriot who helped finance the war of independence, was the first to carry the American flag to Europe, he was a major hero in the first and some of the most successful Naval battles. He fired the first shot of the revolution. Paid for the uniforms, guns and food for his men out of his pocket which General Washington and his buddies promised to repay but never did. We should repossess the country.

Going back to General William Whipple, that William who signed the declaration may not be an ancestor but he could be a relative because Elder John, Mathew and Captain John were likely related in England. Blaine Whipple (a descendant of Mathew) is trying to get some of us to submit DNA for testing to answer the question of whether these three earliest American Whipples were in fact related. The common practice in Whipple genealogy seems to be to keep the lines separated because there is no proof one way or the other. A lot of us act like we’re really gung ho into our genealogy but are we willing to $119 to prove something up? No. 🙂 It’s cheaper just to retell the same old stories.

This is a GREAT read on the life of Abraham. Tells the whole story.

All of us Whipples in the Orva branch come right out of the Rogerine group of super Quakers.

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Genealogical Tidbits

To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source,
a tree without a root.

— Chinese Proverb