Site Map

Site Map

Currently, this site is composed of two distinct, yet intertwined websites: a powerful and extensive genealogical database-driven website, and the blog and links pages (plus a few help pages) powered by WordPress.  They are designed to look as much alike as possible.

The Home link, as well as the His Side and Her Side links in the top teal menu bar, go to a brand-new database-powered website of family tree information.  With over 400 ancestors and living family members, over 150 families, more than 125 unique surnames, as well as over 200 photographs, documents, and other media files, this website serves as a great resource for collecting and compiling all the pertinent information of all of our ancestors and living family members as well.  In addition to the family trees, which can be displayed in several different types of charts, other types of data can be linked to individuals, such as photos, documents, histories, headstones, recordings, census documentation, and other media.  You can find out about all the features of the new site here.  All future results of any genealogical research we do will be added there.

The Blog, Links, and Contact menu items located in the top teal menu bar and in the footer links go to the WordPress website, as WordPress handles these items so well.

 (Click on the Site Map image to the right to see just how the whole site is organized).

My hope is that family members will find this repository of family relationships, photographs, and stories as fascinating as I do, or even just vaguely interesting. And should you happen to have more data to add to the database, we would love to hear from you!  Types of information the database displays in a beautifully organized manner include family relationship charts, photographs, obituaries, documents, notes, stories and more. We’d love to hear any stories or reminiscences you have about our respective families. If there’s anything you’d like to add, feel free to post it here or in the genealogical database.

Registration is required to post anything or to access sensitive portions of the site.  All information pertaining to living relatives is accessible only to registered members unless explicit permission has been given otherwise.

Genealogical Tidbits

Genealogists never die, they just lose their roots.