Family AlbumDo you have any cherished stories about one (or more) of our relatives?

We’d love to hear any stories you’d like to share with us about your family or ours.  You can also add photos to your post.

How to Get Started

To add your stories to the blog, register at this link, then let me know via the Contact Form that you’d like to add your memories, and I will upgrade your access level to allow you to post your stories and photos.

Posting the Easy Way

To create a post after you’ve registered, you can simply write your story in an email and post it to an email address we will provide for you, and Bob’s your uncle…and Nellie’s your aunt…and Robert is your mother’s brother.  Et voila!  (We’ll just need to approve it before it will appear).

Posting Online: An Option with More Control

Create new post and enter story

Create new post and enter story

Alternatively, you can log in to the site and write your post directly here.  Sign in on the login form in the black bar at the top of every page (in the WordPress section of the website), then click on the Post link under the New drop-down menu, also in the top black bar.

This will bring you to the Dashboard with a blank post ready to start. Enter your story here, and use the buttons above the content box to format the text.

Before you publish your post, look in the right column and around the page to:*

  1. Assign it to the most appropriate category (just one, please)
  2. Add or select a few simple tags that pertain to the content
  3. Add images to the body of the post from the Media Library or upload your own from your computer or an online location–just click on the Add Media link above the text edit box, select your image from your chosen location and follow the prompts for image name, caption, size and alignment.
  4. Include a featured image to appear on the front Blog posts page–add an image from the Media Library or upload your own
  5. If you wish, you may handcraft a brief excerpt of the story below the post (though it’s not strictly necessary)
  6. Save your post as a draft and preview what it will look like before you publish
  7. If you have publishing rights, then when you’re ready, just hit Publish and you’re done!  Otherwise, we will be notified of a new draft, and will publish it for you.

Edit post settings

Should you have suggestions for new categories, just contact us. If you need help, there’s a Help button at the top right of the Dashboard (if you are logged in), or you can ask us. 

*These boxes may be in different positions on your page than what is shown here.  You can drag and drop the various boxes into your favorite locations.  If you want to hide boxes you don’t use, or show ones that aren’t currently visible, they can be turned on or off in the screen options at the upper right of your edit page.

Genealogical Tidbits

Only a genealogist regards a step backwards as progress.