Darth Vader's Family TreeBecoming a member of the site allows you to comment on posts and receive notice of new posts.  Higher levels of membership allow you to write your own blog posts here as well, and see content that is hidden from non-members (for privacy reasons), such as all family members in the genealogical database.*

There are several levels of membership available.  What you want to do on the site will determine which level you require.  Note that anyone can read blog posts (unless the posts are made “private”), view deceased family members in the genealogy database, and submit genealogical edits for review via several submission forms.  Membership confers the following privileges:

  1. Subscriber – you can make comments on the blog, and receive email notifications of new blog posts, but you will not be able to see living family members in the genealogy database.
  2. Contributor – you can write and manage your own blog posts but not publish posts (a moderator will be responsible for publishing your posts); and you can view all family members, whether living or not.*  You can also add information and media to the genealogy database.
  3. Custom – Customized rights as requested or required.

See the table below for all privileges allowed per membership type.

(by Request)
Read blog,
View deceased,
Submit genealogy edits for review
Receive blog posts,
Comment on blog,
Manage own profile
Write and manage blog posts,
Add links to the Links page,
View living,
Add new genealogy records,
Download PDFs
Download GEDCOMs,
any other special privileges


When you register, you will automatically be assigned to the Subscriber level.  Should you wish to be a Contributor, send us a note asking to be upgraded to that level.  If there are other things you’d like to be able to do, such as download a GEDCOM file or edit family members, send us a note to let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll assign you the appropriate custom settings.

*exceptions can include family “branches” who prefer to keep their branch private or any individual who has requested to be kept private.

Genealogical Tidbits

I was somebody.
Who, is no business of yours.

— Anonymous in Stowe, Vermont