Einstein's Relative ProblemRegistration for the site as a Contributor* enables you to view the living members of our family tree(s) as well as all of the ancestors we’ve found so far.  

You’ll also be able to create blog posts, add your comments to others’ posts, and contribute useful website links on the Links page.  You could even send in a blog post via email (contact us if you like to do that and we’ll send you the email address to post to).

After you register at this link, a site administrator (Marilyn or Terry) will need to approve your registration.  Once you receive an email letting you know your account has been activated, you can log in at either the WordPress blog or the genealogical database, as shown below:**

Genealogical Database: in the small green menu bar:
Genealogical Database login

Genealogical Database login

WordPress Blog: in the top black login panel:
WordPress Blog login

WordPress Blog login

*Registration as a Contributor is required to post anything or to access sensitive portions of the site.  All information pertaining to living relatives is accessible only to members registered at the Contributor level, unless explicit permission has been given otherwise.

**Please note: This site is created from two applications: one is a powerful genealogical database web application and the other (this) is WordPress-powered for blogging and links.  (See the About page for more details.)  You can register once, but depending on the browser you use and other complicating factors, you may have to log in separately to the two sections of the website.  

Genealogical Tidbits

Genealogy: a search for the greatest treasure…our ancestors.