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 #   Tree Name   Description   Individuals   Families   Sources 
1 Luckett Family  1,314 337 90 
2 Marilyn's Family Marilyn's family includes the English/Irish side with surnames Fenn, Daniels, Clements, Howard, and Pettet, and the Lithuanian side with surnames including Walunis, Ramaska, Tamasauskas, and Sutkaitis in America, Valiunas and Selieka in Canada, and Valiunas, Tamonis, Skurvydas, Obeleviciene, Diskeviciene, Karpaviciene, Prankevicius, Grigaliuniene, Aleksandravciene (among others) in Lithuania 419 158 35 
3 Terry's Family Terry's family includes the surnames of Dyke, Whipple, Luckett, Saunders, and Rich  494 243 0