How do I find things on the site?

Check the Search Tips page for all the various ways you can search the site. You can search for individuals, their descendants, their ancestors, and so much more.


What if I don't find any ancestors using Search?

A lot of our Lithuanian ancestor's names have changed over time, and many are listed using the Lithuanian spelling and alphabet. The best way to find someone whose name may not be spelled the way you know it (or can type it) is to use the Word Search tool located under the "Find" menu or in the Search link on the left side of the small green menu bar. It offers looser and often more effective search options than the other search tools.


How do I find a married woman?

When searching for women on the web site, always use their maiden names. If you don't know her maiden name, search for her married name using the Search Families menu item under the "Find" menu, or search for her first name using the Search People menu item or Word Search menu item under the "Find" menu.


Why can't I see certain people's names and information?

We take great pains to protect the privacy of all family members. All names, dates and other information of living individuals are 'hidden'. They simply appear as "Living" on search screens and their detailed information is not normally available. Registered users (registered at the "Contributor" level or above) can have access to this information. If you are a direct descendant or relative of people listed on this website, please take a moment to register by clicking on the Register link in the "Help" menu or go straight to the New Account Form page to sign up. You will be asked to provide evidence of your relationship. On the registration form, please ask to be registered as a "Contributor" so that, once your account has been approved, you will be able to view all records of your ancestor's descendants contained in the database.


I registered for the site, but I still can't see the information of living persons. What's up?

First of all, make sure that you have logged in. :) If you have, but your member access level is too low (i.e., Subscriber), you can ask the webmaster via the Contact form to upgrade your access level to Contributor. Once you have been approved for that (you must be a family member, and it can take a day or two to be upgraded), you should be able to see the living family members.


How can I find out if I am related to another person on the site?

The Relationship tab will show a chart of all the people between two relatives. To use this function, locate the first individual and then press the Relationship tab. Then use the "find" button to locate the second person to be displayed. You can search for any two people's relationship from this form, show a number of relationships, include spouses (or not), and check through up to 15 generations of family members.

Relationship calculator

Relationship calculator results:

Relationship calculator results


I noticed some information, documentation or photographs about a relative are missing or incorrect. How can I have that information added or corrected?

There are several ways you can make suggestions for changing or adding a person's information, photographs, documents, headstone photos, and cemetery information. Check the details on our "How to Submit Information" page.


I have a GEDCOM file that would add more family members to one of your family trees. Can I import that GEDCOM file to your database, OR can I export a GEDCOM file of family members existing in your database?

If you have a branch of the family tree that has more people and information than currently exists on the site, the webmaster can import your GEDCOM file into the correct family "Tree" or your own "Branch" of the family tree. If you'd like to export a GEDCOM file of the descendants or ancestors of any person on our tree, you may request that the webmaster do that for you, or you can request to have your registration upgradded to "Custom" so that you may export your choice(s) of GEDCOM files. To contact the webmaster, use the Contact form here or at the top of every page.


I'd like to become a member. Do you charge to join your site?

Not at all. It is completely free for family members to join!


How do I become a member?

Sign up for a new account via this form (the Register form is also located in the "Help" menu on every page). You will need to include your relationship to me or to some member of our families to be approved.


What levels of membership are available?

There are three types of membership available to family members, each of which has access to more features than a visitor. The rights for each type of user are outlined below. Should you choose to register for the site, you will initally be granted Subscriber level of access. Let us know if you'd like more access than that, which level and for what purpose.

(by Request)
Read blog,
View deceased,
Submit genealogy edits for review
Receive blog posts,
Comment on blog,
Manage own profile
View living,
Add new genealogy records,
Write and manage blog posts,
Add links to the Links page,
Download PDFs
Download GEDCOMs,
any other special privileges


What type of account will I be given?

All accounts are registered initally as a Subscriber. If you'd like to be a Contributor or Custom user, please include your request, including which level, in the comments box when you register, or send the webmaster a note at any time thereafter via the Contact form.


What if I forgot my username or password?

Login panel

If you've forgotten your username, click on "Login" in the small green menu bar, then enter the email address you originally registered with. We will send you your username (be aware this may take a day or two, depending on our access to a computer and the internet). If you've forgotten your password, enter your email address and username into the same form, and the system will send you a new temporary password.