Getting Started

There is a yuge amount of information on this database-driven website, with (hopefully) much more to be added in the future. To navigate this site, we have prepared a lot of guides: too much to read in any one sitting (IMHO). You may want to start by checking out the visual Site Map or by just clicking around and seeing what you can discover on your own (my favorite method), but know that you have all these guides, FAQs, and Feature pages to refer to, whether you are the type to just jump-right-in-until-you-get-lost or the read-the-directions-first kind of person. All the help files are located under the "Help" menu at the right of the little green menu bar near the top of every page.

Home Page

The Home page is an introduction to the site, with stories and links to pages further in. All site visitors can view this page and the linked stories (i.e., any stories or pages linked from the Home page).

Home page


Common Elements

On every page, you will find:

1. Top Menu (teal)

Top menu

The top menu contains links to:

2. Site Name and Photo

Click the Site Name or photo to return Home; enjoy the photo (Castle at Trakai, Lithuania)

Site name and photo

3. Selection Menu (second menu bar, green)

Selection menu

4. Text Links (on the right below green selection menu)

Text links

Share, Print and Bookmark: share to various social media sites; print the current page; bookmark the current page



On family tree pages, there are a number of common icons. Here's what they do:

Icon Example Function
Living = Living Living Displayed to non-registered, non-logged-in users when viewing pages containing living individuals
Additional information - children = Additional Information Additional information - children Roll over to display additional information in a pop-up box
Additional information pop-up
Additional information - parents = Parent Family Additional information - parents Click to go to the parent family
Additional spouse - Additional Spouse Additional spouse Click to select additional spouse from pop-up links
New pedigree - New Pedigree New pedigree Click to move to next generation
Move to next younger generation = Next Younger Generation Move to next younger generation Click to move to the next younger generation
Move to the next older generation = Next Older Generation Move to the next older generation Click to move to the next older generation


Inner Pages

We have implemented privacy controls to protect the privacy of the living. You must be registered and logged in (at the "Contributor" level or higher) to view all items about the living, including photos, names, all personal information, and everything linked from them to any other living person.

His Side/Her Side

Choose family tree

Clicking on the His Side or Her Side links in the top (teal) menu display either Terry or Marilyn's family trees. In the pages that follow from these links, the website displays only those items that apply to the chosen individual, i.e., ancestors, descendants, parents, children, siblings, and personal information. You can click on the next person up or down the lineage to find out more about other relatives.


Ancestors Page

When you click on a person's name, you are brought to the Ancestors view. Click on the name of any person in the tree to view that person's charts, beginning with their Individual view page.

The information regarding the living person is not displayed if you are not logged at the appropriate level.

From here, you can click on the links in the teal menu bar below the green menu bar to change the number of generations to view, or to view the tree in the Standard chart view (shown), Vertical, Compact, Box, Text, Ahnentafel, or Fan Chart views. You can also view the Media related to this person, or create a PDF of the page you are on.

Note that the options in the small teal menu bar change as you click on a different item in the green menu bar.

Ancestors - Standard view

View all the different chart views.


Individual Page

The individual page begin with the individual's photo, name, gender, date of birth and death, (age), count of ancestors and descendants, and relationship to the site owner:

Individual Page

View more details about the Individual page view.


Family Chart Page

Displays the parents, siblings, spouse or partner, and children of the individual in chart form. Click on the individual's name to get back to the other options in the green menu.

Family chart page


Group Sheet

Displays detailed information about the individual, their spouse or partner, and children.

Descendants page


Descendants Page

Displays the full list of descendants and their descendants in chart form.

Descendants page


Relationship Form

Fill out the form to find the relationship between any two individuals, displayed in chart form. Click the "Find" button to search for any person by name, or enter their family tree ID.

Relationship - Form View

Relationship - Results View:

Relationships - Results View


Timeline Page

View the recorded events of the individual's lifetime in a scrollable timeline chart. You can add other people to this chart to view how their lives overlapped.

Timeline page


Family Worksheet Form

When viewing an individual's page in the family tree, the Worksheet tab allows users to submit any additional information or corrected information about the individual or to add another relative of the individual.

Family worksheet


Submit Photo/Doc Form

Use the "Submit Photo/Doc" form to send photos or documents to the webmaster for inclusion on any person's page.

Submit photo/doc page


Suggest Form

Use the "Suggest Form" on any person's page to suggest edits to that person.

Submit photo/doc page


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