Privacy controls have been implemented across this site and the blog to protect data related to LIVING individuals. Therefore, all information pertaining to living relatives is accessible only to members registered at te level of Contributor or above (aka, family members), unless explicit permission has been given otherwise. In the event you discover some information on the site that should have been marked "Private" and was not, please let us know via the Contact form, also located in the top menu and the footer.

Without registering for the site, there are many areas that cannot be shown. Below is a table showing what access privileges are available to different member levels. Listed below the table are the things that a non-registered visitor can view and those they cannot, as well as the things registered members can view.

Note: If any family member does not want their personal data to be accessible to others, the security design allows a "lock" to be put on their data. Just let us know via the Contact form available here and at the top and bottom of every page.

Member Types

There are three types of membership available to family members, each of which has access to more features than a visitor. The rights for each type of user are outlined below. Should you choose to register for the site, you will initally be granted Subscriber level of access. Let us know if you'd like more access than that, which level and for what purpose.

(by Request)
Read blog,
View deceased,
Submit genealogy edits for review
Receive blog posts,
Comment on blog,
Manage own profile
View living,
Add new genealogy records,
Write and manage blog posts,
Add links to the Links page,
Download PDFs
Download GEDCOMs,
any other special privileges


Pages you CAN access as a visitor*

*not including, of course, any info about any living persons


Pages you CANNOT access without becoming a member