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How do I find who I am looking for?

search link

Whew! Really, if someone is listed on the site, you should be able to find them.



find button

On the right side of the small green menu bar, every item under the Find drop-down menu button offer more ways to search:



media drop-down menu button

Under the green Media drop-down menu button, you can search for all media by type:

Media Menu

More media types may be added in the future as well, including Recordings and Videos (once there are any). We'd love to hear any suggestions you might have for additional media types.



Info drop-down menu button

You can find all these types of information available on the site from the green Info drop-down menu button:

Info Menu

Also not that a Contact link is available in the top teal menu and on the footer of every page of the site, though it is a different form. As with the Media Types, not all of these types of Info have been added to the site yet, and more types may be added in the future.


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