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Getting It RightFor naming and date conventions in our database on this site, we are using the book Getting It Right: the Definitive Guide to Recording History Accurately by Mary H. Slawson, ©2002, Deseret Book Company (available at Amazon).*

Naming Conventions

Date Conventions

Place Name Conventions


1. Administrative divisions of Lithuania, Wikipedia.

2. Units, formations, and bases, Manual of Style/Military history, Wikipedia.

*We have also researched general standards in use on genealogy websites, and other online official-ish documents. While there does not seem to be any official standard, we feel confident that the naming conventions outlined in "Getting It Right" are used rather consistently across genealogy websites and programs.

Please be aware that our genealogical database application has a few quirks and limitations that may not exist in your desktop genealogy software, but we have ways to work around those that we hope are fairly robust. All that said, these conventions may or may not jive with any GEDCOM files you may have. Not all fields exported to a GEDCOM file from our site may import neatly into your genealogy program, and vice versa. We'll do our best to work around any technical limitations, however.

**We may or may not have all names completely correct, but we keep working on 'getting it right.'

***We're endeavoring to obtain the most accurate dates, and to show those with missing info in the most useful way possible.

Finally, we welcome any suggestions for handling these issues in the most proper genealogically accepted formats. Please feel free to send a note to the webmaster via the Contact form, also located at the top and bottom of every page or from the "Info" drop-down menu! No harm, no foul.